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The appreciation calculator is a tool that helps you find the Future value of anything. It may be home appreciation, investments, or anything else you need, but first you need to know how to calculate appreciation.Smartphone ,Clothes or a Car probably depreciate.

The Formula as,


Let us consider,

Starting value(stVal) – how much your product costs;

Appreciation rate (apRate) – what is the growth rate value of the product;

Period – the time over which the appreciation is calculated;

Final value (finVal) – how much will the product cost at the end of the defined period;

Example For,

finVal = stVal * (apRate + 1)period

Future value in 2022 = $150,000 * (5.4% + 1)4

The answer is Future value in 2022 = $185,120.15

If the appreciation rate for houses remains at 5.4%, the home appreciation calculator finds out that your housewill be worth $185,120.15 in 2022!That is your return on investment.

formula as,

finVal = stVal * (apRate + 1)period

apRate = (finVal/stVal)1/period– 1

Example For,

apRate = ($200,000/$150,000)1/4– 1

The Answre is apRate = 7.457%

It means that your future home value will reach $200,000 in 4 years only if the appreciation rate is 7.457% every year.






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