Are electric cars more environmental friendly than normal ones?

You can smell a tailpipe from your local EV dealer. Everyone who supports the petroleum industry by spreading propaganda about the EV’s emissions can drive a petrol car off the edge. Yes, there are some coal-fired plants that produce electricity for car factories. However, charging in certain states is more polluting than others. This is because the petroleum lobby spent $130M lastyear to support their position. It’s similar to what the cigarette industry did for 40 year fighting false advertising that cigarettes are addictive. Car plants all over the world have been working towards green sustainability for many years.

EVs can be charged or built at any plant, and are recyclable up to 90%. They also produce zero emissions. The OEM knows that EV buyers are looking for efficiency, clean air, and lower operating costs. They will soon discover how amazing EV’s can be.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Is every EV manufacturer completely dependent on renewable energy? But, they are already making a shift with BMW, VW and Subaru as well as GM, Mercedes and Ford.
  • The automotive industry is moving towards EVs. Every major OEM has or is developing an EV production model to be launched in the next three years
  • Automobile manufacturers adapt renewable energy to power their OEM plants around the globe with wind, solar and geothermal technology.


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