Are hydrogen fuel cell cars going to replace electric cars in the future?

Let’s take a look at these cases:

Two of the main benefits of hydrogen fuel cells are their 5 minute fueling time and 350 mile range.

These two items are not important to anyone who is still living in the mindset of “Drive for one week, then wait in line at a gas station.”

This is the paradigm that you believe in. It’s clear why a 5 minute refueling and a 350 mile range are so important.

Battery electric cars offer a significant advantage: you can leave behind the traditional gas station paradigm.

Plug your car in at home, and it will be full by morning. Every morning. Refueling takes only seconds each day.

A long journey is the only situation where a battery electric vehicle’s recharge time is necessary. This will take more time than fueling a gasoline car or hydrogen car. However, this time can be taken up by other activities, such as eating.

The fuel cell enthusiasts are now giddy: “See? Long trips are harder in a car that uses a battery.”

But not so fast: A hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is unable to make long trips.

Today, 35 hydrogen refueling stations are available in the United States. All but four of them are located in California, mainly in the Los Angeles and San Francisco regions. One each is found in South Carolina, Massachusetts, Missouri, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

With a range of 350 miles, it’s important to not drive further than 170 miles from the hydrogen station in order to refill again. This is not a journey across the United States.

Data taken from: Hydrogen Station Locations

Tesla, on the other hand, has more than 10,000 chargers at 1300 Supercharger stations.

Supercharger | Tesla

The battery electric car is more efficient than the fuel cell car, particularly in the realm of renewable energy. The battery electric car can travel twice as far as a hydrogen fuel cell car if you start with 100 kWh.

These are the reasons why hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be outclassed by battery electric cars.




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