Bird Age Calculator, Formula, Calculation & Example

Bird Age Calculator

This calculator will estimate the age of your bird pet. It can be used to calculate whether it is a parakeet or a cockatiel. How old is your budgie? We have the answer! Just enter the birds years, and we’ll do the rest.

You can read the article below to find the average life expectancy of pet birds.

Bird years to human Years

There is no universal formula to convert between bird years and humans years. Think about it: how is it possible to find an equation that works for both the albatross, a symbol of longevity and the tiny hummingbird that lives for 3-5 years? Wisdom the albatross is the world’s oldest wild bird. In fact, Wisdom turned 70 on February 20, 2021. It’s not possible to say that the five year-old albatross and the hummingbird are at the same stage of their lives. The former is an older bird who is content to live for as long as they can, while the latter is a young bird and isn’t ready to breed.

What calculations are used in the bird age calculator? We take into consideration the average lifespan of each bird species. We then use a simple ratio to calculate the formula for the bird’s age in human year.

bird age = human age * bird average lifespan / human average lifespan

The tool assumes that average life expectancy for humans is 72.6 years. These are UN estimates for 2019. You can modify this value by using the advanced bird age calculator.

How long do pet birds live? The average life expectancy of pet birds

We’ve selected a tiny fraction from the species diversity because there are more than nine thousand bird species worldwide (some scientists have even estimated that is over 18,000). Many of you who are reading this text are pet-owners and take care of intelligent parrots, chattering canaries, or finches.
Below is a table listing the life expectancies of pet birds.

Bird speciesRange of life expectancy [yrs]Lifespan average [yrs]Sexual maturityParakeet/Bugie5-107>6 monthsCockatiel16-2520>1 yoLovebird10-2015>10 MonthsZebra finch5-106>3 MonthsCanary8-1210>9 MonthsAfrican grey parrot40-60453-5 yearsConure10-3015>2 years

Keep in mind that these numbers are only a guideline. Each bird’s longevity is dependent on its individual species. A balanced diet, adequate space, exercise, regular vet visits, and proper care are key to a long and healthy life for your bird friend.


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