Buttons In Video Tag Html

buttons in video tag html
<video src="video_address" width="33%" controls>
<!-- controls: this attribute adds control buttons to video>
Other Attributes Of Video Tag

1. Autoplay : It tells the browser to immediately start downloading the video and play
it as soon as it can.
2. Preload : It intends to provideahint to the browser about what the author thinks
will lead to the best user experience.
3. Loop : It tells the browser to automatically loop the video.
4. height : It sets the height of the video in CSS pixels.
5. width : It sets the width of the video in CSS pixels.
6. Controls : It shows the default video controls like play,pause,volume,etc.
7. Muted : It mutes the audio from the video.
8. Poster : It loads an image to preview before the loading of the video.
9. src : It is used to specify the URL of the video file.


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