Can electric fields form closed loops in certain cases?

First, electric field lines are drawn by our team to show what is happening around a charge configuration. We don’t draw lines randomly. We draw lines in a way that reflects the properties of field.

Coulomb force is a conservative force. Forces that cause displacement between two points are independent of each other’s paths. If you are in an electric field and go around in a loop, with a charge in each hand, the work of Coulomb force is zero. You don’t get energy from the field. ).

Think about how this work was done. If the Electric field line was a closed loop, then the displacement would always be parallel with the field. Therefore, work will always be positive. Coulomb force can’t do zero work. This is contrary to the fact that Coulomb force can be considered a conservative force.

If you place a charge on an electrostatic field line, it will accelerate for a long time, increasing energy. It will have unlimited energy! (If it was happening, that would be great!)

An induced electric field is an alternative electric field. These field lines form closed loops.



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