Can electricity pass through the flash of a camera? I heard that if you photograph an electric line of an electric train with flash on at night, then you will feel an electric shock. Is that true?

The message describes an electric shock that occurred to a person while taking a photo with a camera flash using high voltage lines. It claims that electricity was passed from the high voltage cable to his flash light, and then to his entire body. There are no credible evidences for the accident described in this story. According to research, current should be able to pass through air in order to transport it. However, air is strong enough to prevent it from happening. Because light is composed of photons, electricity cannot pass through it. Therefore, a flash camera could not conduct electricity. One simple example is that the sun’s light is falling on a 400kV line, but it does not cause any harm to anyone who is near it. If electricity could pass through light, we’d have wireless power supply for our homes. Electricity cannot pass through the Flash light from the Digital camera and cause electric shock. All that said, it is important to avoid getting too close to power lines. They can cause electric arcs up to a few centimeters.


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