Cat Age Calculator, Formula, Calculation & Example

Cat Age Calculator

You may be wondering if your cat is still young or is in his midlife crisis. This cat age calculator, which converts between human years and cat years, will provide all the information you need.

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Principles of the Cat Years Calculator

Common misconception is that a year in the cat’s life equals seven years for humans. The cat years calculation is more complex than that. While kittens grow quickly while they are still young, the aging process slows down as they age. This means that your cat will be as old as a seven year-old child. However, older cats can live up to four years.

Naturally, not all cats age alike. A cat that lives outdoors will generally have a shorter life than an indoor cat. Additionally, while typical felines live about 10-15 years, certain breeds age slower or faster. Still, this cat age calculator should give you a good idea of the seniority of your cat.

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The cat year chart converts cat years into human years

This cat age calculator is the easiest way to convert cat years to human years. You can also take a look below at the cat years chart that summarizes the aging process for a typical feline.

Cat yearsHuman years172133204265336407448489521056116012641368147215761680178418881992209621100

How do you estimate the age of your cat?

It might be difficult to estimate the age of a cat that you adopted as a stray. There are some indicators that can give you an idea of the age.

  • Cat teeth. This is the only indicator you need. When kittens are about four months old, they get their first set of permanent teeth. A cat with white teeth could be considered to be about one year old. An older cat may have a yellowish-colored coat, tartar buildup, or missing teeth.
  • Cat’s eyes. Young cats usually have bright, sparkling eyes. Some cloudiness might indicate that your cat is already 10 or more years old. Additionally, the iris of an older cat’s eye appears to be a bit jagged.
  • Cat’s coat. The fur of a kitten is soft and fine, while older cats tend to have a coarser coat. If you find some patches of gray or white, the cat might already be senior.


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