Cat Calorie Calculator, Formula, Calculation & Example

Cat Calorie Calculator

Do you care about your cat’s health and want to know how many calories they are consuming? Or do you want to make sure your pet is eating healthy foods? Maybe you just want to know how many calories your cat consumes. Our cat calories calculator will help you.

You only need to know your cat’s approximate age weight and whether or not your cat has been neutered. You will know how many calories are needed for your body and how to maintain a healthy weight.

You can now plan your cat’s healthy diet by knowing how many calories they consume each day.

How many calories does a cat need? Cat calories per day

There are many factors that affect the calories required by a cat in a given day. The age and activity levels of the cat are all important factors. We, their purrr-ents need to know what each cat needs. A neutered or spayed cat requires a lower calorie intake than an adult cat.

Similar to the pregnant cat, it has a higher calorie intake than a normal non-pregnant kitten. The number for a kitten has slightly higher calories than its older siblings.

The package label is the best way to determine how many calories your cat’s food contains. However, this information may not be what you need as it doesn’t take into consideration the cat’s activity level, weight, or whether it has been neutered or not.

To determine if your cat is at the ideal weight or if it is losing or gaining weight, you can calculate your cat’s BMI and take appropriate action.

Monitor your cat’s calorie intake if you notice any changes in their eating habits. Before making drastic changes in your cat’s diet, consult your veterinarian.

Last note: chocolate can be toxic to cats, just like it is for dogs!

How do you calculate the daily cat calories?

Although it is easy to calculate cat calories, there are some measurements you may need before doing so. You can use our cat calories calculator if you don’t like math. But if you’re more curious and want to know how to calculate the daily calories for your cat, then follow these steps:

  1. First, you will need to know your cat’s current weight. You can get the weight in kilograms if you know lbs. There are two methods to measure your cat’s body weight.First: You can place your cat on an electronic weighing scale. It will be difficult to get it to stay still. You can be thankful if it does. They are drama queens who rarely want to stop moving unless they are asleep.

The second way to weigh your cat is to have it against you. To find your cat’s weight, subtract your own weight from what you have recorded.


  1. Multiply the weight by 70%, or the 3/4th power (or 0.75 power) of the weight.weight0.75 * 70
  2. This is the Resting Energy Need in Kilocalorie. This is the minimum amount of energy your cat needs to perform basic bodily functions like digestion, respiration and excretion.
  3. The maintenance factor will then be multiplied by the resting energy. This factor is determined by the general age and physiological conditions of the cat.
  4. The maintenance energy required in kcal is the result. This is the maximum amount of calories your cat should consume in a single day.

The advanced mode can provide the maintenance coefficients as shown in the table below.

ConditionMaintenance coefficientNeutered adult cat1.6Adult cat that is not neutered1.8Weight loss1Weight loss1.7Kittens between 0 and 4 months old3From kitten to adult cat in 4 months2

Now you don’t have to wonder how many calories your cat should eat per day. You can find out by using our cat calories calculation!

Calorie requirements for cats – high-calorie cat food

High-calorie cat food contains well-balanced nutrients with protein being the main ingredient. It is without artificial flavors or preservatives. We all know how fussy cats can be about food texture, taste and smell. These senses can be heightened if the cat doesn’t feel like it does normally.

You may need high-calorie catfood to help your cat or kitten.

Here are some reasons why your cat may need high-calorie cat food.

  • A kitten or cat that has been rescued from severe malnutrition;
  • An elderly or frail cat
  • A cat who has lost weight because of sickness.
  • A cat who has had surgery and is now recovering.
  • A cat who is picky and malnourished;
  • Cats that have not eaten in several days may be lost, moved, or saved from a natural disaster.
  • Stressed or anxious cat
  • A cat recovering from dental treatment.

A cat purr-ent

We all know what it is like being a pet owner. It’s almost like being parents . Owning cats is like having the most proud, self-centered, and adorable children you could ever have. It is part of the package to care for their health and well-being.

We must not expect them to talk to us, so we need to understand what little they express/let off.
Cats are often perceived as proud animals. They are adept at hiding their emotions because they belong to the predator animal kingdom. This is especially true when it comes to their physical health and feelings down.

Obesity in cats

All mammals need to be healthy. Obesity in cats, even though our cats are so affectionate and sweet, can lead to serious health problems.

If this is the case, parents may want to refer to the cat-weight loss calculator option. This option is available from the drop-down menu of the calculator. It’s ideal for those who are looking for a way to calculate the weight loss in cats.
The best solution would be:

  • Talk to your vet.
  • Reduce the high-calorie cat food.
  • This cat weight loss calculator can be used.

Calories for a kitten

The adorable furballs have a lot of energy and live an active lifestyle from an early age. However, they can become couch potatoes later. Because of their playful nature, kittens can burn calories faster than adults and require a higher calorie intake than they would during adulthood.

You now have our cat calorie calculator to help you determine the calories your kitten needs per day.


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