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We know that you have a question in your head for many years. What kind of cat would I be? Would my owner be happy to see me? Or would I push the vase from the counter onto the floor? We have the perfect calculator for you.

Each cat is unique and there are more 42.7 millions cat owners in the USA. Knowing your cat’s purr-sonality will help you improve your life and make it more enjoyable.

Come in and grab some milk. Then, find a comfy box to seat in as you learn more about yourself, others and, most importantly, our feline friends.

The Big 5 cats have purr-sonality characteristics

There are no two cats alike. If you have spent any time with cats you will know this. Some cats will be happy to give you a scratch, others will not let you touch them even though they’re familiar with you for many years. Some cats will lie down on your shoulder all day, but others won’t mind being held. Some cats make great friends with others, while some prefer to be left alone. What’s the deal?

Cats are intelligent, just like other mammals. Our brains helped us see the world and make the best decisions to survive. There are many ways to look at the world. As different brains started to prefer different options, personalities were formed.

A 2017 study of 2,802 cats revealed that there were five major ways cats differ in temperament.

Neuroticism (Skittishness)

Very neurotic cats are sensitive anxious and constantly on the edge. They are not open to new people or things that are different from the norm and will run away as soon possible.

A cat that isn’t very neurotic will be relaxed and won’t mind any changes made to the world around them. It just adapts.


Have you ever met a cat who just wants to play and explore ? You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that this cat is very outgoing.

Introvert cats are the exact opposite. They can handle the same old things every day. They don’t care too much about fuss.


Dominant cats will do everything they can to be at the top of the cat hierarchy . They are entitled to all the cats, mice, birds, cat scratchers and belly rubs that they can get.

These tailed tyrants are looking for submissive cats. They are looking for cats who are willing to eat scraps and can’t keep their favourite things.


Why should the same problem be solved with the same solution every time? You may know a cat who has multiple creative ways to do things.

You will be a careful cat if tried-and-true methods are always on your menu (just below the fish) and self restraint is for dessert.


If cats like to play and cuddle up with you, they are considered agreeable. They get along well with both cats and humans.

Disagreeable cats can be aggressive and irritable . You quickly learn that they shouldn’t be bothered.

The Big 5 personality traits of humans

So, How could your cat’s personality be related to your human personality? Humans have their own five-factor personality tests – the Big 5 personality traits. These traits are Conscientiousness , Openness, Conscientiousness Extraversion, Agreeableness and Agreeability . These traits are shared by cats and humans, as you can see. These traits are not exactly the same for humans and cats, but they are very similar so they are treated as equal in the catculator.

Other personality traits that cats and humans share are Conscientiousness and Openness. Openness refers to your desire to discover new things. Conscientiousness refers to how disciplined are. Although the human desire to learn new things is an innate characteristic, no other animal cares about egg boiling times, Conscientiousness can be viewed as a measure how well you manage your impulses. We have therefore decided to link it with the Impulsiveness cat purrsonality trait. This is handy, or paws-y!

You might be wondering, “But what about dominance?” Are humans dominant like cats? The short answer is no. Humans are not as dominant as cats. Humans are smarter and more social than cats. They can’t rely on their strength to tell others who’s boss. (They’ll probably end up being murdered in bed). Consider the qualities you admire about a person. A person you admire will likely be kind, fair and honest. They are also trustworthy, honest, brave, smart, and strong. These traits are what determine dominance in humans. The Dominant cat trait is more of a measure “Bullish Vs. Submissive”.

How to use the catculator

After we have explained what each of the purr-sonality characteristics mean, let’s talk about how to use the catculator. It’s easy, you just answer the questions truthfully and get cat gifs! You’ll see a breakdown of your traits at the end. From that, you can determine what type of cat you would be. A list of traits that best describe your cat will be provided.

Keep in mind that the test is far from being psychologically accurate (maybe it was obvious… but it is a catculator). So if the results don’t suit you, don’t be discouraged. But don’t let them get away . You might be surprised at what you learn about yourself by taking the time to reflect on your results . Knowledge is half of the battle. This catculator can help you do that!


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