How much electricity do air conditioners use?

It is assessed by examining how efficient the equipment is. If you’re using commercial or residential equipment Here are the efficiency ratings and ways to convert them. SEER is the term used to describe Seasonal Efficiency Ratio. It’s the Btu of cooling multiplied by the total number of seasonal Watt-hours of energy used. This is the … Read more

Dihybrid Cross Punnet Square Calculator , Formula, Calculation & Example

Dihybrid Cross Punnet Square Calculator Are you looking for a gigantic dihybrid to cross Punnett square You are in the right place! Calculate the likelihood that you inherit with two traits and four alleles using the Dihybrid Cross calculator. This is an enhanced version of the basic Punnettsquare calculator. The two-trait Punnett Square will allow … Read more

Annealing Temperature Calculator , Formula, Calculation & Example

Annealing Temperature Calculator The polymerase-chain reaction or PCR is nothing short of an amazing breakthrough in biotechnologies. Learn how to optimize the beautiful technique using our temperature calculator! This section will cover everything you need to learn about PCR, including the materials required and the actual process. The following questions will be answered: What is … Read more

Allele Frequency Calculator , Formula, Calculation & Example

Allele Frequency Calculator You can use the allele frequency calculator to calculate your chance of inheriting a particular recessive gene in your offspring. Our tool is based upon the Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium equation. Still feeling confused? You can read our article to learn more about a gene pool and what autosomal recessive disorders/disorders are. How they … Read more