Cephalexin For Dogs Dosage Calculator, Formula, Calculation & Example

Cephalexin For Dogs Dosage Calculator

The cephalexin for dogs dosage calculator will allow you to check whether the amount of antibiotic you give to your pet is similar to the recommended one. Our tool will let you know how much cephalexin for dogs you really need — it’ll also show you how many tablets or how much liquid you’ll need for daily therapy.

💊 Keep on reading — we’ll talk about:

  • Different cephalexin side effects in dogs;
  • Explain Keflex dosage for dog and its possible applications; and
  • Discuss whether Lupin 500 for dogs is safe.

❗ We try to do our best when creating our calculators — however, you must remember that they cannot replace actual medical advice and cannot serve as a sole source of clinical decisions. Contact your vet in case of any doubt.

What is cephalexin for dogs?

Cephalexin is an antibiotic and a member of the beta-lactams group that works for the variety of different bacteria. Vet doctors use it to treat urinary tract and skin infections. 🦠

💡 Beta-lactams are probably the most popular type of antibiotics — everybody knows of the famous penicillin or amoxicillin used in most common bacterial infections in humans.

Pharmacies sell cephalexin under multiple different brand names, such as Keflex, Lupin, Rilexine  only the latter is registered for oral use in dogs, and only in chosen countries. It is available in the form of chewing tablets.

What about other medicines for dogs? Let’s widen our horizons and calculate canine-friendly dosages for:

What is the cephalexin dosage for dogs with a UTI?

Dogs with a UTI should take cephalexin:

  • For 14 days;
  • Twice per day;
  • With a dosing of 15 mg for every kilogram of body weight (15 mg/kg) per single dose.

With two doses per day, your dog will consume a total of 30 mg/kg of cephalexin over 24 hours of treatment.

Considering the dosage above:

  • 500 mg of cephalexin will be correct for dogs of about 33 kg (73.5 lb).
  • 250 mg of cephalexin will be correct for pets that weigh around 16.7 kg (36 lb).

What are the side effects of cephalexin in dogs?

The possible sides effects of cephalexin include:

  • Allergic reactions, including skin rashes and problems with breathing;
  • Vomiting and diarrhea; and
  • Lethargy.

Additionally, some breeders report the occurrence of weakness and lameness (polyneuropathy) in certain pure breeds of dogs after administration of a human drug Keflex in an off-label (not registered) manner.

 We shouldn’t use cephalexin in animals:

  • Who have previously suffered from beta-lactams, penicillin or cephalosporin allergies;
  • In puppies smaller than 1 kg (2.2 lb); or
  • In dogs whose kidneys are damaged or impaired.

How to use the cephalexin for dogs dosage calculator?

It’s easier than it should be! 🤓

  1. Enter your dog’s weight in your preferred unit.
  2. Choose the drug type. You may choose from different strengths of:
    • Medication in a liquid form;
    • Regular tablets; or
    • Chewable tablets.
  3. Your results will be displayed immediately. 🎉 The calculator will show you the amount required for a single dose and the entire day of treatment.

PS. Remember that our calculators work both ways! You may easily check whether e.g., 500 mg of cephalexin is indeed a correct dose for your canine friend.

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Can I give my dog cephalexin?

The phrase “cephalexin killed my dog” is trending online. But is there anything we should be afraid of? 🤔

As with every medication, cephalexin has a few side effects that we should consider. The most important ones are rare allergies, which may lead to shock or even death. That’s why you should never give cephalexin to a dog that has already had an allergic reaction to beta-lactams or penicillin.

❗ Remember — never give your pets any human medication without consulting your vet first.

Always monitor your dog closely after the first few doses — contact your vet in case of any doubt.

How do I calculate cephalexin dosage for dogs?

The calculations are extremely simple — follow the equation presented below.

Single dose = 15 mg × weight


  • Single dose is given in milligrams [mg].
  • weight is your dog’s weight in kilograms [kg].

Cephalexin is given twice per day — each dose should be administered 12 hours apart. If you’d like to calculate the total daily dose, use the following formula:

Total daily dosage = Single dose × 2

How to read cephalexin dog dosage chart?

It’s not difficult at all — find your dog’s weight in the table and discover the corresponding dosage! Here’s an easy-to-go cephalexin dosage chart for dogs you may use: 🐩

Weight (kg) Weight (lb) Single dose (mg)
1 2,2 15
2 4,4 30
3 6,6 45
4 8,8 60
5 11,0 75
6 13,2 90
7 15,4 105
8 17,6 120
9 19,8 135
10 22,0 150
11 24,3 165
12 26,5 180
13 28,7 195
14 30,9 210
15 33,1 225
16 35,3 240
17 37,5 255
18 39,7 270
19 41,9 285
20 44,1 300
21 46,3 315
22 48,5 330
23 50,7 345
24 52,9 360
25 55,1 375
26 57,3 390
27 59,5 405
28 61,7 420
29 63,9 435
30 66,1 450

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