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According  to the standard definition, a certificate of deposit is a kind of investment vehicle car  by a fixed maturity date and a fixed interest rate.  Final Balance equal to initial deposit its also referred t o as present value multiple. Numbers of value 1 added to annual interest rate  in decimal multiple compounding frequency the number of times the interest per year. Its multiple to the number of years the money is investment.

The Formula as

FB=ID (1+r/m)^(t*m)

Let us Consider,

FB – Final balance (in similar calculations it is often called the future value).

ID – Initial deposit (also referred to as present value).

r – the annual interest rate (in decimal);

m – compounding frequency – the number of times the interest is compounded per year;

t – term, i.e., the numbers of years the money is invested for.

For example,

FB=ID (1+r/m)^(t*m)

  1.  It is the starting balance of your deposit
  2.  The actual (published) interest rate, not the annual percentage yield.
  3.  The period of time for the particular certificate of deposit to mature.
  4. Finally, in the field compound frequency select the appropriate compounding frequency.




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