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CB is when cost building. The Cost building equal to numbers of developers  multiple the time of team. In finally is multiple cost per  employee. The formula as,

Cost to build=N*T*CE

N- The numbers of developers

T-The time that team needs to build this software

CE-Cost per employee.

For example, Let us consider,Numbers of developers10, the time that needs to buid this 30days, Cost per employee 3people

Cost to build=N*T*CE

Cost to build=10*30Days*3

The answers is 300$

6.)COST PER EMPLOYEE CALCULATORS CE is the Cost per employee.The CE Equal to is monthly salary per employee multiple to 1 point in added over head costs. The Formula as


SE mulitiple 1numbers of time added overs head costs

SE=Monthly gross salary per employee one people

OV=Over head costs.

Let us considers,

SE multiple numbers of 1,overheads costs to 100

For example


The answer is 101

  7.)MAINTENANCE  COSTS CALCULATORS MC is the short term Maintenance Cost . The equal to number of permonth multiple cost per employee to multiple 2.5 numbers of time

Maintanence cost = 2.5 * D * CE

Main cost is equal to 2.5 times of number of days D multiple by the cost per employee.

The formula as,

Maintenance costs =D*CE*`2.5

Lets at considers

D is the days per month 3, cost per employee 2,

D-The number of days per month that one of your employee will  spend in maintenance

CE-The Cost per Employee



The answer is 15


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