Current Ratio Calculators online

Current Ratio Calculator

Current Ratio Calculators Online

The Current Ratio equal to calculated in current assets dived to current liabilities.The value of the current ratio is stated in numeric format, not in percentage points.

Formula as,

Current Ratio = Current assets / Current liabilities

let us consider,

1.) IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), in the part concerning assets, find the position named “Current Assets.”

2.) The part “Liabilities and Equity” find the position “Current Liabilities.”

3.)The  calculator and simply obtain the value of the current ratio.

The Value Of current assets balance sheet is $50,000, and the amount of current libilities is $3,00,000

For example,

Current Ratio = Current assets / Current liabilities

= 50,000/3,00,000

The answer is Current Ratio= 0.166.


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