Daily life uses of basic electronics?

Electronics have made life easier. Electronics are used in many everyday gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, TV remotes, etc., our personal vehicles (cars, bikes, etc.) and the wiring system within our homes. Understanding the basics of electronics is helpful in understanding how everything works.

1: Ever wonder how the count of real current time continues to run in our phones and laptops, even when they are turned off? There will be circuitry to count time, but it is not clear how that circuitry keeps running after the power has been turned off. This is where Battery Backup comes in handy. It acts as a switch (ON when biased forward and off otherwise). It is

As you can see, when power is maintained, D2 keeps conducting and D1 does not. Thus our time clock runs on the provided power through D2. When power is turned off, D2 becomes inverted biased and D1 conducts. This allows the clock to continue running even if the supply is cut.

This allows you to set a timer each time you open your device.

2:Have ever driven a car? You have probably sat in the driver’s seat of your car, so you should have seen the display above the steering wheel. Have you ever seen the open-door warning sign?

If this not , there is a buzzer system in case any of the doors remain open when you have sit on the driving seat. Do you know how it works? Here is a simple switch circuit

The seat and the doors have switches which are normally open(in a closed empty car).When you sit on the seat, the seat switch gets closed. Now the buzzer will only sound if any of the door switch is closed. Now as the switch is open only when a door is closed so an open door means that switch is closed so buzzer will get on indicating a door is open.This can be made more advanced by adding opamps and other electronics.

3.Next, we’ll talk about the most common electronic device: the phone A phone. Have you ever wondered how phones vibrate? Here’s a picture showing the internal circuit on the backside of a mobile phone

See that round-shaped thing at the right corner? This is a vibration motor which is responsible for the vibration of the phone. This is not the ordinary motors we have seen ;like in toys as they donot rotate, they vibrate.

4: Mobile Phone chargers are another daily life used electronics device & here is how they work. This is a mobile phone charger circuit

The direct AC supply is fed to a step down transformer which step down it to a reduced, safe value. Then the next is a Bridge rectifier used for AC-DC conversion. This DC signal is then passed through a circuitry of transistors and voltage regulators for maintaining a constant voltage. the last is capacitor filter circuit for filtering any ac component.


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