Do electric cars use AC or DC?

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Electric cars can use both AC or DC. The Electric Vehicle is a complex machine that uses both AC and DC. I will be describing an important component of the electric system.

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The power source/ battery : This is the most critical part. A battery always supplies energy in DC form. A solar cell is another power source that can provide energy in DC form.

These lamps consume DC supply. They are directly connected to DC supply (battery), though they can be connected through step-down circuitry.

Electric Power Steering: EPS Brushless DC (BLDC), motors can be supplied with DC power.

Motor: The most important component of an EV is its motor. Any type of motor is possible in Electric Vehicle AC and DC. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

DC Motor

  • If the motor is a DC motor it can run on any voltage from 96 to 219 volts. Many of the DC motors found in electric cars are made from DC motors that were developed by the electric forklift sector.
  • DC installations are generally simpler and more affordable.
  • The typical motor will range from 20,000 to 30,000 watts.
  • The nice thing about DC motors is that they can be overdriven (up to a factor 10 to-1) for short periods. This means that a 20,000-watt motor can accept 100,000 watts and produce 5 times its rated horsepower.
  • This is great for quick bursts.
  • Heat buildup in the motor is the only problem.

AC motors

  • AC installations can be used with almost all three-phase industrial AC motors. This makes it easier to find a motor with a particular size, shape, or power rating.
  • The motor transforms into a generator when it is braking and gives power back to the battery.
  • However, you will need an Inverter (DC to AC converter circuitry) because the source of power is battery and you must rotate an AC motor.

Conclusion: The motor is the main part of an EV. It consumes more power than 50%, so depending on which type of motor is used, we can determine whether it is AC or DC. In all types of EVs, however, both AC and DC are simultaneously used.



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