Do you prefer electric or petrol cars?

Electric. Hybrid plug-ins are a distant second. Yes, I made the switch, and have been driving an EV for 2.5years now.

The acceleration is amazing and the battery under the floor helps me corner. The engine runs so quietly that I can no longer hear the exhaust. It can play music without me having to turn the volume up.

It is very nice to not have to do any maintenance. I won’t need an oil change, a timing belt or muffler. The same goes for fuel pumps, water pumps, and air filters. An injector will never go bad. My evaporative controller system will not throw any trouble codes that would indicate a failed annual inspection.

It’s great to be able to charge my phone at home. I don’t have to stand in the cold, breathe the fumes, or pump gas. I have not had to wait for a charge in 2.5 years. It has always occurred while I was doing something else.


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