Does Pakistan have electricity?

It’s hard to believe, but electricity is available.

It produces 25,000,000,000 watts. Every year! We have enough electricity to power over 416,000,000 bulbs.

There are many power stations in Pakistan. These power stations are huge and beautiful. Amazing power stations. These power stations generate incredible amounts of electricity from oil, coal and natural gas. Of course, nuclear is the best. Also, we have tall walls surrounding power stations to ensure that no one steals our electricity. It’s amazing. You will be astonished.

Electricity is winning. People have grown tired of electricity because we are so winning. People who claim that Pakistan doesn’t have electricity are delusional. They are losers. They are mostly poor, but some of them can be fine. They don’t know what they are doing. They are a nuisance and must be banned until we find out the truth.

We are going to build more power stations. It’s a great job. He’s great. He is smart and knows many words. There are many words. These huge power stations will cost billions to build. This is a lot of money, but we want to keep winning.

We have tons of electricity in Pakistan. All caves have electricity and are conditioned.



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