Does Tesla have plans to produce electric motorcycles?

The simple answer to this question is NO.

This is because of one simple reason. Tesla designs electric vehicles that are scaleable. To accelerate electric vehicle adoption in the industry, they want to make as many high-quality electric vehicles as possible. They wouldn’t be able to sell luxury electric motorcycles.

The swappable battery is the core component of the Tesla design.

Let’s take a look at the Tesla Model S battery pack:

Now for the Model X

As you can see the first two Tesla models both use the “skateboard” battery pack design and look identical. They can change the number of drive units, exterior and interior styling, but at the end of the day the battery pack stays the same.

This gives them the ability to quickly develop new models by using the same battery pack.

They would need to create a completely new battery pack if they wanted to make an electric motorcycle. It would also be an affront to their goal of rapidly increasing their manufacturing capacity for electric vehicles.

There are some electric motorcycle companies like Mission Motorbikes.

At the end of the day anything is possible, but I would say that it is highly unlikely for Tesla to ever develop an electric motorcycle.


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