Economic Order Quantity Calculator Online

EOQ Calculator (Economic Order Quantity)

Economic Order Quantity Calculator

Economic Order Quantity Calculator  equal to number of value 2 (INR) multiple demand multiple Order costs (INR)  divided Holding costs (INR) number of value 0.5.

The Formula us,

EOQ = (2 * Demand * Order costs / Holding costs)0.5

 let us consider,

  • Yearly demand for the product which EOQ is calculated.
  • Holding cost, which is the cost of keeping one unit of the product in the inventory.
  • Order cost, which is how much you have to pay to order the product.
  • Ordering and holding costs, as well as demand, which should remain constant during the year.
  • That’s it – you have gathered all the data for the EOQ formula

Calculate the Economic order Quantity

Demand is 500,000 units. order costs you $10. Holding Cost $4 .

EOQ = (2 * Demand * Order costs / Holding costs)0.5

EOQ = (2 * 500,000 * $10 / $4)0.5

EOQ = (2,500,000)0.5

EOQ = 1,581.14 units



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