Economic Value Added Calculator Online

Economic Value Added Calculator

Economic Value Added Calculator

EVA is short for economic value added. It is a measure of the actual financial performance of a company. The economic Value added equal to Net operating Profit after tax less than invested capital multiple weighted average cost of capital.

Formula us,

EVA = NOPAT – (Invested capital * WACC),


Let us consider,

  • NOPAT– is the net operating profit after tax. NOPAT is generally listed on a company’s income statement.
  • (Invested capital * WACC) – is the finance charge, representing the minimum return required by finance providers, investors and shareholders.
  • WACC– is the firm’s weighted average cost of capital. Generally provided as a public record, it is the average rate of return a company .
  • Invested capital – is the funds invested by shareholders for equity, bond-holder.

Calculate the Economic Value added 

EVA = NOPAT – ((Total assets – Current liabilities) * WACC)


The startup’s 2009 , NOPAT is $700,000, the cost of invested capital is 15%, and the expended capital is $1,500,000.

EVA = NOPAT – (Total assets – Current liabilities) * WACC)


The answer is EVA = $475000


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