Electronics and telecommunication, is it a good branch or not?

These courses, or combinations thereof, namely communication and electronics are a fraud in many colleges. You won’t be an electronic engineer or a communications engineer.

You will need to mug up paper after piece of paper, and then you’ll have to clear them. You can just mug up circuit diagrams or wave forms to clear the paper.

After 4 years, your knowledge would have been zero in your core field. You would need to look for IT jobs.

These branches exist in engineering colleges to make money, not to integrate knowledge.

If you truly want to make them happy, however, you must give your all.

  • Take GATE very seriously and pursue higher education.
  • You can do a lot of different projects during your college years.
  • Learn for knowledge, not marks.

A core job is possible if you are a skilled professional in your field.

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