Electronics: Which is better, Hitachi or O General?


its best in after saler service.

Please choose the TM series model. It is a hitachi patent technology.


O general- This company is known for its reliability, tropical compressor.

They claim that 52’c ambient operations are possible, and it is quite true.

No matter how hot or cold it is, these machines will cool you down to a satisfactory level.

Now, the problem is that their windows are not leading in India’s market.

You could say that the price is too high, and you would be absolutely correct.

Another reason they aren’t on top is in another area.

1 – There is no control over power consumption – OG machines outperform other machines when it comes to power efficiency. They have the industry’s highest power consumption machines. They still have an older model that is 1 to 2 stars rated according to BEE 2018 norms.

There are no hidden costs in product development. The same model you used in your childhood will be available now with a few sticker changes.

Despite the industry shifting to inverter technology, with its customer-friendly features and 5-star rating, OG still holds a conservative position on inverter tech. Only limited models.

2 – This distribution company is known as ETA. There is no direct company involvement in India, which means that service back up can be very poor.

Very limited service center that is also managed by third parties. Again, no control.

In other words, if your AC fails, there are good chances you will get a late response.

3 – The price is too high to make any sense.

You will be able to tell the difference when you compare their machines to brands like Hitachi and Daikin.


This is not the best, but it’s close to the best.

Products– Very wide range

Service–company own service centres

Very competitive price

They are energy efficient – They have the industry’s highest ISEER machines (kasikoi)

These 4 parameters are all top-notch.

India is the third largest air conditioner manufacturer in India after Voltas & LG

I hope you find this helpful.


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