Mare Gestation Calculator – Horse Gestation , Formula, Calculation & Example

Mare Gestation Calculator – Horse Gestation

The mare gestation calculator can estimate the foaling date of your mare and guide you through the various stages of horse gestation.

Learn how to use foaling calculator to find out the gestation period of a horse and how to calculate it correctly!

What length of time is a horse capable of becoming pregnant?

An average mare (or adult horse) enters labor (foals), around 330-345 day after mating.

The average horse pregnancy is 338 days, which is a little more than 11 months. We must remember, however, that larger horses’ pregnancies tend not to last as long as those of smaller ponies.

Mares typically give birth to one foal, as we all know.

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What is foaling?

Foaling is the process of a foal being born to a male horse ( or a mare). The end result is, naturally, a foal.

Just to be sure, delivery date = due day = foaling Day. And yes, our mare gestation calculation does calculate them all!

How do I use the mare gestation calculator

It’s easy to use a horse gestation calculator. Enter the mating date to receive all the results.

  • Estimated foaling day and its entire range
  • Current gestation date
  • Day of the Week of Predicted Labor Day.

Our mare due date calculator lets you monitor all the important dates of your mare’s pregnancy.

Remember that every pregnancy is unique and that some mares may succeed before or after the estimated date.

How do I calculate the foaling date for a horse’s pregnancy?

With , you can easily reproduce the results of our horse gestation time calculator. Just a few simple equations.

  1. Here is the estimated delivery date
    Foaling = MatchDate + 338
    338 Days = 11 Months
  2. To see the complete list of foaling days, click here
    The earliest foaling possible = MatingDate + 331

    Latest foaling possible = MatingDate + 346

You might be wondering why added an additional day to our calculations. It’s because ovulation in horses may last for around 24 hours. This allows for later fertilization. This simple trick makes our mare gestation calculator a bit more accurate.

How far along is my mare now?

It’s easy to determine the date of your mare’s birth if you know the breeding (mating).

The equation may be used in the same way as the one used to calculate the horse’s due date.

Pregnancy day = Current date - Mating date

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