How can an electrical engineer (EE) work in artificial intelligence?

The power systems is one of the electrical streams where Artificial intelligence can be interlinked. While AI is still in its early stages, it will revolutionize how we produce, transmit and consume energy. My knowledge shows that artificial intelligence can be used in power systems for a few purposes.

  1. Smart grid
  • Yes, that’s right. The future smart grid’s brain will be AI. This technology will continually collect and synthesize large amounts of data from millions smart sensors across the country to help make timely decisions about how to allocate energy resources. Deep learning algorithms are a system that allows machines to learn from large data sets and spot patterns and anomalies. This will revolutionize the supply and demand sides of the energy economy.

2.Automatic generation of a one-line power system network diagram for a certain area of a display.

  • The power system operators will be able to visualize the 3d/2d network diagram for an area and constantly check for anomalies, faults, or permissible power flow. These are all viewed through a display. The network must be generated because it contains power system data and cannot be generated by satellite or any other xd. This network is created by using power system data from all locations. Programmers are responsible for writing algorithm for generation that generates the network. AI techniques help to create large network diagrams without intersections or overlaps by using standard network diagrams.

There are many other applications in which AI can be used. These are just a few of the ones I know.

If the AI techniques are still in their initial stages, he/she should be able to develop a reliable algorithm or suggest any other changes that bring more reliability. This will allow him/her to excel in their field and provide a lot of potential for improvement. If you’re an electrical engineer, but also an AI enthusiast. This path can take you to the top in the future.



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