How can an electronic engineer become a software engineer?

One of my teachers suggested that I study computers when I was young to make it a career. So I started reading binary digits and binary gates, which was useless except for making chips, which are not made in India. Data operators were the basic language programmers of those 5 in. floppies. My brother, who passed Aeronautical Engineering, got a job at HAL Bangalore. He was required to design wings, etc. He was then trained by IBM software engineers. He was ready to work. He was ready for work. Two years went by without any work and full pay because ministers were busy deciding whether to make a 2 or 4 seater. He was worried that he would lose touch with his family and forget everything he knew. He resigned and joined the squire D software firm. He now works in the USA for IBM’s problem solving division with about 10 assistants. I feel learning keeps us young. Even at age 80, I still enjoy learning. It also gives me pleasure to share my knowledge with others via quora.


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