How can electric cars be made cheaper?

Define cheap.

People switched from horses to cars partly to save money. You can think about it: if you lived in a big city, you would have to pay for food and shelter for your horse. The cost of gasoline was much lower than the cost of a Ford and a quality team and carriage were about the same. Rural people tended to stay with horses longer as they are better equipped to care for them. It would have been more expensive to buy gasoline.

China already has a lot of affordable EVs, but they are very limited in power and range.

The Tesla CyberTruck costs about the same as comparable 3/4 trucks, but it is much cheaper when you consider the cost of gasoline and electricity.

The Model 3 is the same. After ten years, the Model 3 is the most affordable.

Bollinger B2 costs approximately $125,000 This sounds expensive until you compare it to other class 3 trucks. After five years of driving, you’ll find it is much cheaper than if you have to use gas or diesel. Trucks of class 3 tend to last longer than regular pickups or class 2. Also, class 3 trucks are more likely to be involved in stop-and-go driving. This is where EVs shine and ICE cars suffer. The Bollinger is very affordable if you do the math.


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