How can I get internship in electronics core companies?

First of all, the candidate must first contact the department for training in the organization. From there, you’ll be provided with all the information regarding the internship program offered by the business. Certain companies offer internships only for those who have a references. especially in case of companies such as HP or IBM evidently it’s hard to find a suitable internship without reference.

If you have a relative employed in this organization, make contact with him/her. He/she can help you tremendously to obtain the chance to be part of the this internship program.

You can also opt to do it without an internship. To do this, you must apply for training by filling out the appropriate application form. Applications are found on the website of the company or can obtain it from the training office. Some companies don’t offer an application form. When you submit an application, you need to provide a the letter of instruction from your institute. To find out more about the training letter, get in touch with your institution’s training and placement department. They they will send you the letter of training. After submitting your application and the training letter you will be contacted by them regarding an acceptance of the internship.

Other than this, a few companies that provide internships to electronic students include BSNL, NTPC, BHEL and BHEL. In general, it is difficult to be accepted in these types of organizations to do an internship without the reference. If you’re seeking this kind of business, make sure you apply to one that offers you a chance certainly. Otherwise, if every application of you are rejected you’ll be in trouble. Beware.

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