How can I reduce my electric bill?

My electric bills are lower than average for my house size and for those who are the most efficient. These are some other ways to use less electricity and pay lower electric bills.

  • Use LED lights.
  • When you’re not in the room, turn the lights off.
  • Hand wash dishes or, if your dishwasher is equipped, turn it off when it is full. Also, make sure to turn the dishwasher off before it enters the hot-air drying cycle. Let the dishes air dry by opening the door.
  • The electric clothes dryer should only be used sparingly. To put clothes in the dryer for a short time to remove wrinkles and then hang them up to dry. (I use the dryer for towels until they are completely dry.
  • Air conditioning is a good option. Do not let your house get too cold. Your bill will be affected by the temperature at which the AC is set.

QUESTION – What’s the best way to lower your electric bill?



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