How did Benjamin Franklin invent electricity?

God created electricity. Franklin demonstrated that lightning can be made from electricity.

Mike Faraday may be credited with discovering the nature and function of electricity. However, the Leydenjar, the first storage container for electric energy, was invented by Ewald Georg Von Kleist in 1745… history grants him the claim to having started the study.

It is impossible to say that any man has invented a force in the natural world. It is possible to only be the first person to see what we are looking at.

Franklin’s kite experiment, which draws current from the lighting of a Leyden container to charge it with electricity, was fatally flawed. He let others test the idea before he found a safer way.

In his experiment in Philadelphia, 1752, he used a dry string of silk (held by a child), to control the kite and a wet string of hemp to conduct an electrical charge from a storm to a key or Leyden Jar.

The Franklin experiment was a duplicate of the one proposed by JeanAntoine Nollet in 1749. Thomas Francois Dalibard used conductive rods instead of a kite/string in an earlier experiment in 1752 to capture light into a Leyden Jar. This was exactly what Franklin had originally suggested.

Franklin and his French friends proved that science can be a team sport. They were friendly competitors who communicate ideas and share results.



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