How do I crack ISRO scientist electronics written test?

To pass the ISRO written exam, follow these steps.

  • Madeeasy Publications offers previous year ISRO Questions & Answers.
  • Madeeasy Publications offers GATE Questions & Answers for previous years.

Answer the questions from GATE [1] and ISRO [2] at least twice.

The majority of questions from the GATE exam that were answered in one-mark format are the same as the ones found in the ISRO exam. These questions can be solved before the exam to save time.

Make sure to practice with Madeeasy’s ISRO Online Testing Series for ECE.

Available 2-3 months prior to the exam date. This testseries will give you enough practice before the exam and help you manage your time during the exam.

Bonus tips:- For very good marks, do concentrate on

  • . These are the topics you should be looking for
    • Numerical Methods (R-K method, Newton Raphson method, etc.)
    • Calculus
    • Differential Equations
  • It is possible that some questions from ISRO’s previous years might seem completely new. These questions can be noted on a separate sheet and revised 2-3 times before you take the exam. This will allow you to at least attempt similar types of questions on the exam.

For very high marks, the mantra should be PRACTICE AND REVISE

Not surprisingly, written marks won’t play any role in final selection. A high score in the written exam could give you an advantage over other candidates for the interview round.

P.S.: The interview number will vary depending on the vacancies. Cutoff is approximately 50% (or 120 marks out of 244). There are 42 vacancies for ISRO 2017 [3]. Expect 252 candidates to be shortlisted.


[1] ECE Solved Papers [2] Previous Solved papers :ECE [3]


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