How do I prepare for Electronics and Communication Engineering GATE examinations?

Begin by downloading your syllabus first. Complete all your basic study on topics, exam format dates of the exam as well as the seating capacity. To go on, there are two options:

  1. Coaching There are plenty of coaching centres available. A few are good, while some are only exist to fool you , so you have to decide for yourself.
  2. Self Study: Use high-quality reference books. make notes, maintain a formula copy, do regular revision
    For ECE the majority of questions come taken from Network Theory so it is the most important topic. The fundamentals of NT can be applied and utilized in all subjects, so starting your preparations by studying NT could be beneficial.
    The subjects in second year are crucial, so don’t overlook these subjects. Do not ignore your reasoning as well as English because they are the highest high-scoring areas that you can get a high score.

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