How does electrical engineering compare with other fields of engineering?

You can manipulate power through electrical engineering. It shouldn’t be difficult. It’s not easy to do great things. Ok! OK! Let me not brag about my branch, and let us discuss it seriously.

Difficulty is a relative term. It’s a fascinating place that will take you on a journey. It’s not for everyone.

Here are some things people might think make EE a difficult field. I’m in my third year of electrical engineering.

  • There are many math’s. Fourier’s transformation, Laplace’s transformer, Z Transform, Bode analysis, Anharmonic/Harmonic Oscillators and Optocouples are all examples of math. This branch is not for you if you don’t like mathematics. Each step has a prerequisite, i.e. a lot math and a lot calculation. It is a pleasure to know the importance of maths, as it is the main tool used by an electrical engineer.
  • It is often difficult for people to connect it with the real world. They can’t see the wire through an electric current (though they can feel it:P). Because everything is dependent on magnetic and electric fields, it can be difficult for students to visualize it when they see a piece of wire. You can’t see, touch, or hear what you’re reading in class. It is very important to have excellent visualization skills.
  • The size of books. Yes, books of electrical can be quite bulky and create a feeling of terror in students’ minds.
  • The grading system in almost all college’s are poor in Electrical Engineering. It’s my own observation. But I don’t know why but professor’s in electrical engineering are really reluctant to award good grades. This point may not be valid for everyone. But i still wanted to mention it anyway.
  • It has a lots of stuff’s to read. The syllabus of Electrical engineering is a bit lengthy as compared to other branches.
  • You will have to study electronics as well if you are an Electrical Engineering major. That’s the truth and it’s kind of useful.
  • Half of the times circuit’s don’t work (when made on bread board) in labs. And you really can’t figure out why. You will have to debug each and every component individually and may be at last you are still left with nothing. What I am trying to say is it requires patience. Troubleshooting faulty circuits are really frustrating.
  • Because of circuits like this it’s hard.

Now let me tell you why it is a good choice to take Electrical engineering.

  • It’ll be easy if you can understand it.
  • It is very fascinating to learn about the electrical equipment that surrounds us. Knowing/reading how they function can help you bragging before your friends. It’s an amazing feeling.
  • It is a broad topic. Electricity is the basis of everything in our modern world. There are many opportunities. Even in India, we’re talking about bullet trains. There are many job opportunities for EE students. Elon Musk via Tesla made Electric Cars a sensation. It’s amazing.
  • KVL, KCL and KCL are your bhramashtra. They are “your ultimate weapon for solving the problem”. It is certain that if nothing works, it will work at least until your college years.
  • You will be amazed at the amazing journey you’ll take to the world of electricity if you are good with math.
  • There are many cool things to do. You may have seen the quad copter from 3 idiots. How could you not want to work on it? Robotics is one of the most exciting things that can be done in college fests, at least that’s what i believe. It is primarily based on Electrical or CS.


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