How does Google hire electrical engineers?

Here is my view on electrical engineering.

Google has no opportunity for us, just like there isn’t room for coders within our field.

You can still get a job, even if you are not a CS branch. They will certainly hire people, but they will expect the same from candidates who are cs. There will not be any exceptions for u.


* Deep knowledge of data structures and algebrams. They are a major test of your problem solving abilities.

* Have a higher rank in codechef, top hacker, hackerrank, or any other competitive programming platform. This doesn’t guarantee you a job, but it does play a crucial role.

* Some contributions to open-source projects.

* If you are referred by Googlers

Last but not the least, u know this guy I know.

This is not something I want to include because most of you know it already, but He (Sundar), Google’s CEO holds a degree in metallurgical Engineering and not cs.

We hope it was helpful!

EDIT-Google isn’t a fully cloud-based company. They do however recruit Hardware engineers from Electrical & Electronics to support their consumer hardware parts.

My answer was based on Indian perspective. They hire a lot of software engineers in india so I didn’t include it.

You can apply for a job at Google’s carrier page if you want to be a hardware engineer, but it is not available in India.



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