How far apart must electrical power outlets be?

The National Electrical Code states:

Entries, Hallways and Habitable rooms should not be placed more than six feet away from a receptacle. You will need one for every 12 feet in the room, and one for every 6 feet near a door. You should be able place a lamp with a 6-foot cord anywhere in your room, along a wall, and plug it in. The receptacle covers the area for six feet.

A receptacle is required for any wall that exceeds 2 feet in length. Imagine a small partition wall that extends 3 feet beyond another wall. This little partition wall should have a receptacle.

Other requirements may apply.

A receptacle should be placed every four feet in a kitchen. The idea is to ensure that the countertop is no more than two feet from the receptacle. Each kitchen island or peninsula countertop space must have at least one receptacle. Other requirements include how to deal with the area behind the sink in a corner of the kitchen.

These are the essentials. There are specific requirements that must be met in particular situations. Different types of receptacles are required for certain areas (e.g., water).



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