How far can the average electric car go on a single charge?

What is the maximum range of an electric car?

There is a saying that averages look like Spaghetti Bolognese. You can eat a lot of spaghetti and only a small amount of meat.

The range of electric cars is between 100 km (Fiat 500e), and well over 500 km (Tesla Model 3 Extended Range). The EPA range for the Tesla Model S Long Range is 600 km. This is 60+ miles, up to 373 miles.
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The base model with the highest sales of EVs in the world could be considered the “average” model.
Tesla Model 3 has a range of 340 km/ 215 miles. Actually, the official EPA range is a little higher.

These values can vary depending on the season (summer vs. Winter, dry vs. snow), etc. You can expect to use between 80-85% and 70% in summer, depending on the season. It is not a wise idea to reduce your battery’s capacity to 0%.

These cars can also be rapid-charged to extend their range, and it takes only 20-40 minutes depending on the brand/battery size/charger type to add 70-80%.
Tesla is a good option. They can charge up and take the trip on their own in under 15-25 minutes.

The question is: What do you really need a car for? Do you have an option to charge your car at home?
It is equally important to consider where you plan to drive it, and if there are any rapid charging devices available in these areas.
The range of the car is the last question. This question is only relevant after the first two are answered.

The average Model 3 has enough range to go on a daily commute, and it can charge fast enough for long trips. However, you have the option of going lower (and less expensive) with Ioniq Leaf, Zoe, and making compromises in range or charging speed. Or, you can go higher (and more costly) to get more range and faster charging speeds.



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