How ‘game changing’ is this $9 computer going to be for electronic devices?

They are likely to have sold the computer at a loss, and just want to get their money back via “add-ons”.

Anybody who worked in electronics knows that you can’t sell a board for $9 and make any money, or even lose any money.

Marketing is all about the $9. A computer selling for $9, and an adapter for $15 for a basic HDMI cable makes no sense. The computer shouldn’t cost more than $9 and the HDMI adapter less than $15. It is impossible to use the computer in a reasonable way without an HDMI adapter, unless you want a monitor.

Comparing CHIP+HDMI ($25), to Raspberry Pi 2, ($25), the CHIP gives WiFi and the RPi2 has a faster CPU (quad vs. single core), more USB ports and a SD card for storage.

Personally, I’d still buy the RPi 2 and add a USB WiFi adapter for a few dollars. It is a better value.

RPi 2 with quad cores is better for clusters that don’t require display.


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