How long does the battery last in an electric car?

Although I don’t know much about all brands, I do know a lot about Tesla.

It is a car that looks exactly like every other, except for its drivetrain. The same rubber gaskets and bushings are used, as well as the same paint, brake components and window motors.

Tesla makes premium cars, and the seats are made from higher quality fabrics than cheaper cars. My car’s floor mats are very good. After a year, the mats have begun to show some wear but it is not noticeable.

Therefore, I expect the car to be as beautiful or as worn as new when it is 10-15 years old. Over 10+ years, I do not expect parts to wear out or break.

The drivetrain is more durable than an engine and transmission in a traditional car. There are fewer moving parts and they don’t rub against each other like rings on cylinders and cam followers on camshafts. There are no gears that can shift. These key components are expected to last for 1,000,000 miles, according to Tesla.

The batteries appear to be doing well and are able to retain 80% of their original capacity for 300,000. Miles (500,000 km).


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