How much do electrical engineers make?

You may be an electrical engineer who wants to work in a core business. Your package will depend on the college where you studied your degree.

1) If you are from IIT

Average: 10 lakh INR per year

Also, generally over 8 lakh INR per year

2) If you are from NITs

Average: 8 lakh INR per year

And usually, above 5 lakh INR annum

3) If you are from an avg or state government college

Average: 4.5 lakh INR per year

And usually, above 2.5 lakh INR annum

If you have scored a high rank in the GATE exam, you could be able to make anywhere from 8-12 lakhs INR an year.

If an electrical engineering student wants to work in a software or IT company, he/she might be eligible for the same package offered to C.S. and I.T students at their college.



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