How much is the cost of living at Electronic City ,Bangalore?

It all depends on whether you are living with your family, friends or other flatmates. It is likely that you will live with flat mates or friends.

HP is in Electronic City Phase 1.

You have many options to stay in Electronic City Phase 1

1.) Living in large apartments – I mean apartments built by big Real Estate developers. There are many choices.

  • Concorde Group – I was in Concorde Manhattans. It’s a large apartment with 14 towers and all the basic amenities such as Gym, Swimming Pool (Ladies and Gents), Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis Court, Skating Area and Snooker/Billiards. There is no water or electricity problem. Gated community, staff/guards are very helpful. Cook/Housemaid readily available. Distance to the nearest bus stop – Wipro Gate 500 m. From here, buses can be found to BTM, Marathalli and MG Road as well as Majestic/Bangalore City Railway Station. Route 378 will get you to Hosur Road, from which you can find buses to all areas of the city/ Bannerghatta Road/ Royal Meenakshi Mall. Distance from HP: approximately 3 km. Buses to Airport can be taken from Infosys bus station, which is located 500m from Wipro Gate bus station. There is also a 1 additional shopping complex right in front of the apartment’s main entrance Four Seasons where you can purchase almost everything, from cosmetics to vegetables. There are many small shops and restaurants that offer North Indian/South Indian/Andhra cuisine. Concorde Silicon Valley is another residential community belonging to Concorde Group. This gated community of row-villas is located opposite Concorde Manhattan’s gate. All the above requirements apply.
  • Ajmera Group – Ajmera Infinity. This gated apartment community has all the amenities mentioned above. Distance from Wipro Gate bus stop – approximately 1 km. Route 378 can be taken as well. Distance to HP: approximately 4 km
  • SJR Equinox is another good gated apartment that offers all the above. Equinox bus stop will be the destination for all buses departing from Wipro Gate bus station. Distance to HP: approximately 1 km. You will also find all the basic amenities.

Rent – These apartments do not have 1 BHK. Rent for a 2 bedroom, 4 person apartment is between 14-17000 and 17000 per month. All apartments in this category charge Rs. For the use of their club facilities, there are maintenance fees of 3000. For a 3 bedroom, 6 person apartment, the rent will cost between 18-21000.

I was staying with 5 friends and paying Rs. I paid Rs. 18,000 for maintenance in a 3BHK apartment. There were additional water and electricity costs.

Ajmera, out of all the properties in the Concorde group, has more open space than any other. It is worth visiting all the properties and deciding after you have done that. All of them rent almost the same.

2.) 2.) Mid-tier apartments – These real-estate investors aren’t big players like the ones above, but they are decent.

  • Ittina Mahavir is located between Ajmera Infinity and Concorde Manhattan. The rent is a little less. Although I don’t know much about the internal facilities, you can find facilities outside such as restaurants and shopping centers (4 seasons), etc.
  • Genesis Ecosphere – Ittina Mahavir is better than Genesis Ecosphere There is a swimming pool and an indoor badminton court.

Both are located adjacent to one another. Distance from Wipro Gate Bus Stand: 700m. Route No. 378 is available. Distance to HP: 3.5kms

3.) 3.) Other local buildings are also available for purchase, but they are less expensive than the ones above.


Mid-tier apartments will rent for between 13-15000 and 15-17000, respectively for 2BHK or 3BHK. They will initially ask for the same rent as category 1, but I insist that they negotiate.

You can also find small apartments by purchasing a 1BHK for around 7-9000 INR. 2BHK is approximately 11-13000 INR while 3BHK is about 15000 INR per monthly. You won’t have access to facilities such as a gym or swimming pool.

Cooks generally request Rs. 500 per person for coming one time and preparing food to be prepared for a meal or dinner; Rs. 1000 per person to come twice: morning and evening. He will prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Housemaid will earn Rs. 1000 per month. The house will be cleaned daily, except for the bathroom, which will only be cleaned once per week.

You can still avail other services, such as washing your dishes or cleaning your clothes from a maid at home.

The cost of living is approximately Rs. 8000 per person per month.

Top tier 2BHK apartment – 16,000 per month (4 persons) so Rs. 4000
Groceries – Rs. 1500 per month per person
Cook – Rs. 500 per person per month
House Maid – Rs. 250 per person per month
Electricity – Rs. 200 per person per year (depends on usage).
Water charges – Rs. 100 per person/month (depending on usage).
Internet charges – Rs. 300 per person per month

Rs. Keep 1000 as a buffer sum

This is approximately Rs. A very nice gated apartment with all the club amenities.

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