How much time is taken to charge an electric vehicle?

It can take between 30 and 12 hours to charge an electric vehicle. It all depends on how fast the charger is and how big the battery.

  • An electric car with 60 kWh battery takes less than 8 hours to charge. A 7kW charger point is required.
  • Drivers tend to top up their batteries rather than wait for their battery charge to recharge.
  • A 50kW rapid charger can charge many electric cars in less than 35 minutes. This allows you to add up to 100 miles to your car.
  • The longer it takes for your car to charge from full to empty, the bigger its battery will be.

Factors that impact charging speed

The time it takes for an electric vehicle to charge is affected by five main factors.

  • Battery size: The larger your vehicle’s battery (measured in kWh), it takes to charge.
  • The state of the battery (empty or full): It will take longer for your battery to charge if it is empty.
  • Maximum charging rate for vehicle: A vehicle’s maximum allowable charge rate is the rate at which it can be charged. If your vehicle has a maximum charge rate of 7kW, you can’t charge it faster with a 22kW charger.
  • Maximum charging rate at chargepoint: This will limit the time it takes for your vehicle to charge. Even though your vehicle can charge at 11kW it will only charge at 7kW at a 7kW charger.
  • Factors such as the environment: It can take slightly longer for your device to charge due to a colder temperature, especially if you use a rapid charger. Vehicles that are colder are also less efficient and therefore will take longer to charge.

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