How To Adopting a Child In China

How To Adopting a Child In China

Adoption Procedure

  • As per the Adoption Law of the People’s Republic of China foreigners can adopt children in China. Children who are adopted by a parent must be:
  • Childless;
  • The capacity to raise and provide education for the adopted child;
  • At least thirty years old;
  • If the adoptive parent is an accomplice and a partner, the couple adopts their child in tandem. If a married male adopting a girl, the adoptive parent must have at minimum 40 years old than the adopted child.
  • An adopter can just adopt one kid.

In spite of these conditions adopting an orphaned disabled child or an orphan should not be subject to the limitations A C, E and A as mentioned above.

  • If you want to adopt a child from China the required documents needed are as follows:
    • Adoption application in writing (including the promise of not abandoning or maltreating the child adopted);
  • Personal identification documents (including the birth certificate and certificates of citizenship);
  • Certificate of marriage status
  • Certification of work as well as financial standing;
  • Health certificate;
  • Certificate of non-criminal record
  • Document that confirms that the adoption is in accordance with the laws in force to adoptions in Canada.
  • Family investigation report
  • When the adoption process is in progress one of the members of a couple can take over the other in the event absence, and with the authority granted by absentee.
  • The above-mentioned documents must need to be authenticated by a notary. The documents must be certified with authorities such as the Department of Foreign Affairs Canada or provincial authorities. The documents will then signed by Chines Embassy or Consulates General.
  • A written agreement should be signed between the parents who are adopting and the person who is putting an infant up for adoption. The parties should register in the city’s Chinese civil affairs section in personand to complete the necessary notarial procedures in the notarial agency designated. Adoptive relations will come in force on the date of notarialization.

Documents Required Adopting a Child

  • A written application for adoption (including the promise of not sabotaging and abandoning the child adopted);
  • Personal identification documents (including the birth certificate and citizenship documents);
  • Certificate of marriage status
  • A certificate of work as well as financial standing;
  • Health certificate;
  • Certificate of non-criminal record
  • Document that proves that the adoption is in accordance with the current laws applicable to adoptions in Canada.
  • Family investigation report

Office Locations and Contacts

China Centre for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA)16 Wang Jia Yuan Lane, Dongcheng District, Beijing, PRC 100027
Phone: +86-10-65548998
Fax: +86-10-65548856
Address and Map
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How To Adopting a Child In China
How To Adopting a Child In China

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Foreign couples who plan adoption plans for Chinese children should have stable marriages, good both mentally and physically, and adequate finances. They should not be overweight.
  • These new rules, that go in effect on May 1st will give preference to applicants who are more qualified according to a Ministry of Civil Affairs official stated yesterday.
  • One of the most important criteria is that applicants must have an Body Mass Index (BMI) which is a measure of body fat that is based on weight and height that is applicable to men of all ages and women who weigh less than 40.
  • The BMI 40 is extreme obesity, for instance for a person who stands 1.7 meters tall and weighs greater than 100 kilograms.
  • The couple applying for the application must have been married for a minimum of two years. Those who have divorced previously must be married for a minimum of five years.
  • The current law permits only foreigners who have been married to Chinese children, but it requires parents to have a minimum age of 40. girl who is adopted.
  • Another modification is that couples have to have fewer than four children, and be in the 30-50 age bracket in accordance with Xing. The law currently does not define how many children born to parents adopting however they must be at least 30 years old. of age.

Documents to Utilize

Application Forms


Adoption requirements for those who adopt HTML0.

  • As per the requirements contained within the Adoption Law of the People’s Republic of China In accordance with the provisions of the Adoption Law, adopters must satisfy the following conditions:
  • The term “childless” means that the adopters are “By Childless” is intended to mean that the adopters don’t have biological children, nor adopted children, nor step-children.
  • The capacity to rear and educating adoptees “By the capacity of raising and educating adoptionees” is intended to show that adopters possess the full capacity of civil society as well as the capability of raising and educating their adoptees intellectually, physically morally and resourcefully and also the capability of fulfilling parental obligations towards their children.
  • There are no such diseases that are considered medically unsuitable to be adopted. : “No such diseases as considered medically unfit to adopt” can be defined to mean mostly mental illness and infectious disease.
  • Thirty years of age: “By 30 years old” is meant to mean the full 30 years of age. If a couple adopts jointly one of their children the two of them will be 30 years old.
  • When a couple adopts a child spouse or husband must get permission from each other to adopt the child together.
  • When a man who has no spouse adopts a female, the total number of years between the adopter and adoptee must be more than 40 years.
  • Adoption of children who is to a collateral family member through blood from the same generation, and until the 3rd degree of kinship is not limited to the limitations that apply to “children that have parents who are unable to care for their children due to difficulties that are unusual or other reasons, the “age differs between the adoptee and the adopter must not be lower than forty years” as well as that the adoptee is younger than four years of age.
  • “By the adoption of a child belonging to a collateral relative by blood of the same generation and up to the third degree of kinship” is meant to indicate siblings and brothers-sisters-german of the third degree of kinship; “the children belonging to a collateral relatives by blood of the same generation and up to the third degree of kinship” indicate the children of the siblings and that of brothers-sisters-german of the third kinship, namely, nephews and nieces, and brothers-sisters-german and cousins-german of the fourth generation.
  • Children who are disabled, or orphans, abandoning children or infants that are being cared for in social welfare institutions, and whose parents’ identities cannot be located or identified and are unable to be identified, can be adopted regardless of the requirements that the adopter be unmarried and should only adopt one child.

Adoption requirements for adoptees

  • As per the requirements in Article 4 of the Adoption Law of the People’s Republic of China, the following individuals are eligible to be designated as adoptees: orphans who are under the age of 4 who are bereaved of their parents, abandoned children and infants with no biological parents found or identified; or children who’s biological parents are not able to care for them due to unusual challenges.
  • “By orphans who have lost their parent” can be defined to mean children who have parents that have passed away or declared to be dead by the court of the people.
  • “By abandoned children or infants with parents who cannot be identified or located” are defined by children and children who are abandoned by the parents they were born to or who’s biological parents aren’t able to be determined or discovered.
  • “By children who’s parents aren’t able to care for them due to difficulties that are unusual” is intended to mean that the biological parents are unable to rear their children as they are disabled, being afflicted by a serious illness, or have a life that is extremely difficult due to other factors.

Requirements Information

  • Names of Applicants
  • Birth date
  • Address
  • Medical Background
  • Physical Exam
  • Physical Test Results

The Document is required Adopting a Child

Chinese government is always adamant about attaching great importance to protecting children’s rights. In accordance with the spirit of conventions regarding international adoptions China assists children that require a place to be placed in a domestic setting, and for those that cannot be adopted at home, we will do to find an appropriate family anywhere in the world that is open.

Information that can be useful

Adoption Registration

  • First, “where foreigners come to China to adopt it is recommended that they visit China personally to complete the formalities for registration. If a couple from outside adopts a child together the couple should travel to China together and complete the adoption procedures. If one of the spouses is unable to travel to China because of a specific reason then the other spouse needs to make a Power of Attorney application on behalf of the other spouse and it must be authenticated and notarized.”
  • Second, any foreigner who comes to China for adoption should sign a written adoption contract with the person who will be placing the child to be adopted. In the adoption contract, it should comprise the general terms of such a contract.




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