How To Apartment Registration After Relocation In Austria

How To Apartment Registration After Relocation In Austria

1.) Registration can be done in person or through mail registration. The application could be sent via the messenger or a messenger. The registration process via fax or email are not currently legal.

Minors will be only accepted by caregivers or guardians, those suffering from mental illness within the scope of a Sachwalterin or a custodian for this, and if they aren’t available, the Unterkunftgeberin or the provider of accommodation.

2.) Registration forms are crucial as it is from this form that the authorities get the data that is entered into their database. It is possible to request an original form at the registration office It is available at some tobacconists , or fill out the application.

The form should be filled in correctly and in a clear and concise manner. Here are some suggestions for to fill in the form

  • The section on religion must be filled out only after the Unterkunftgeberin or the lodging supplier has completed the form of registration. It is also possible to leave unfilled.
  • Central register number ZMR-Zahl: The number must be announced in the extent it is recognized. Central register numbers comprise twelve-digit numbers assigned by the system. They are used to identify authorities.
  • Signature of the Reporting Person or the declarer’s signature This ensures that the authenticity of the data reported is verified.
  • The signature of Unterkunftgeberin or property of the encoder

Unterkunftgeberin or Accommodation provider are the people who acquired the Unterkunftnehmerin or the buyer of the property, such as:

  • the owner or owners of a home or a condo in itself or the roommate or the roommate ( such as partner, family members, partner) or the principal tenant or the principal tenant
  • the principal tenant or roommate of the principal tenants the lodger, roommate, or roommate or lodger
  • the tenant or lodger of the roommate / roommate.

A form to register a private residence is required to be completed for each individual.

3.) You will receive an email confirmation that your registration has been accepted.

Documents Required Apartment Registration After Relocation

  • Public documents that contain the first and last names of the person and last name prior to first marriage, the date of birth, the place of residence and nationality of the individual who is taking the residence (e.g. birth certificate and passport Geburtsurkunde)
  • Optional, document proof of academic qualifications [Urkundlicher Nachweis Akademischer Grade]
  • For those who want to take up accommodation with no Austrian nationality (foreigners):
    • Travel document (e.g. passport)
  • To register a newborn baby (at the authority responsible for registration):
    • Certificate of birth for the infant

Office Locations and Contacts

Registration Authority

Municipal Offices

City Council


Vienna City Administration, Rathaus A-1082 Wien


How To Apartment Registration After Relocation In Austria
How To Apartment Registration After Relocation In Austria

Municipal District Offices:

What Are All The Eligibility

Registration is required in the following situations:

  • The first time that we have heard of an Austrian hotel Austria
  • Moving to Austria (there are plans to build a brand new principal residence located)
  • Justification for another residence (the principal residence is still the same)

If there is a change of principal residence, the application for registration through a reputable authority is possible with the cancellation or modification of registration of the previous one.

The registration of the residence of a baby can be completed at the same time as showing the Birth Registry Office location (if the birth registry was previously registered and is located in the hospital)when the registration form has been completed. In this instance, no registration to the Registry Office is required.

Domestically made changes in marital status, name, the sex of a person, or their nationality, can be entered directly from proof of citizenship or civil status details within the Central Register, ie there is no registration requirement for each.

De-registering and registering is crucial because even if there is no arrangement or the accommodation that is in place is not surrendered the act is considered an administrative offense that could result in the possibility of a fine as high as 726 euros. If the offence is repeated, the fine could be as high as 2180 Euro.

Note: For more information on notifying authorities, organizations, and so on. about your new address, follow link:


Registration is completely free.

Documents to Utilize

  • Registration Formula


The registration must be completed within three days of moving into the home.

To register a primary residence or other residence, the authority responsible for the registration of the new residence

  • It is the Town Hall or the Municipal Offices
  • In cities that are statutory – the City Council
  • In Vienna there is it is home to the Municipal District Office

Documentation is needed

In the case of an apartment, Austria requires a report to an appropriate registration authority, which is a requirement enforced by the Austrian state.

Information that can be useful

Acquisition of property in an accommodation establishment should be reported as such and be in the form of a leaflet for guests who stay in the accommodation.

Homeless persons have the option to apply for the right to reside in their primary residence through confirmation from the registry authority informing them that they:

  • They must prove that they are at the most important relations within that community for at the least a month, and
  • within the municipality can identify a specific location that residents within the municipality can designate a place that they regularly visit (contact points, like social services, personal contacts and homeless shelters).

Exclusivity from the reporting obligation

People who have been identified elsewhere within Austria is exempt from reporting requirements If they meet the following criteria:

  • In an apartment, no more than 2 months in free of the property ( for example, a holiday at the grandparents),
  • Included as Pfleglinge in an institution,
  • minors are housed in kid or student, shelters for children or sports,
  • personnel of members of the Armed Forces, the Federal Police, Customs or prison guards, or in the case of Emergency Services in a community property ( such as barracks that are housed).

NOTE:Regardless of whether there is already an existing message within Austria and not. For instance the people are not required to report the requirement to report, if accommodations are not allowed for more than 3 hours within an apartment.

In the wake of this E-Government Act, the reporting authority is now required to record the civil status certificates and citizenship certificates into the standard document register. These already verified documents should not be filed under the way of the old rule, but in (electronic) official pathways.

EU EU EEA citizens EU – EEA citizens and their family members or relatives who have been staying for more than three months, reside in Austria are planning to settle, must submit additionally a Registration Certificate request. For more information read “entry, residence and establishment in the EU”

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