How To Apartment Registration In Austria

How To Apartment Registration In Austria

1.) The changes of registration carried out either in person or via the mail or delivered by a trusted person. However, registration changes made by fax or electronic mail are not allowed by the law.

Minor registration changes are to be handled by their parents, legal guardians, or by those who have the authority to take care of their children. Custodians [Sachwalterinnen/Sachwalter] are required to carry out the change of registration for mentally handicapped persons as long as this procedure is part of their field of action. In the event that there aren’t any such persons, the accommodations providers have to implement the process of changing registration.

2.) A registration application is essential as it is from this form that the authorities collect data that is entered into their database. It is possible to request the form at the registration office and it’s also available at some tobacco stores or fill out the form.

The form should be filled in correctly and in a clear and concise manner. Here are some tips for to fill in the form

  • Religious belief [Religionsbekenntnis]: This column can also be filled in after the accommodation provider has signed the form. It is also possible to leave it blank.
  • Central register number ZMR-Zahl: This number has to be disclosed in the extent it is recognized. Central register numbers comprise 12-digit numbers that are assigned arbitrarily by the system. They can be used to identify the authorities.
  • Signature of the individual who is legally bound to register. By signing the form the signer confirms the accuracy of the registration details.
  • The accommodation provider’s signature

A separate registration form for residence must be completed for each individual.

3.) You will be provided with a written acknowledgment that you have registered [Besttigung der MeldungBesttigung der Meldung (formerly called Residence registration form [Meldezettel3.)).

Documents that are required Apartment Registration

  • Public documents that show the first and last names of the person as well as the last name prior to the first marriage, the date of birth, the place of residence and nationality of the individual who takes the residence (e.g. birth certificate and passport Geburtsurkunde)
  • Optional, document proof of academic qualifications [Urkundlicher Nachweisakademischer Grade]
  • for those who are renting a room with no Austrian nationality (foreigners):
    • Travel document (e.g. passport)
  • For registration of a new baby (at the authority responsible for registration):
    • The birth certificate for the baby

Notification: In the case of not changing one’s registered in person Original documents, or notarised or legally certified copies should be delivered or handed over to the postal service.

Office Locations and Contacts

Registration Authority

Municipal Offices

City Council


Vienna City Administration, Rathaus A-1082 Wien


Municipal District Offices:

How To Apartment Registration In Austria
How To Apartment Registration In Austria


Registration is completely free.

Documents to Utilize

  • Registration Formula


The registration must be completed within one month.

Registration authority:

  • It is the Town Hall or the Municipal Offices
  • In statutory cities , the City Council
  • In Vienna there is it is home to the Municipal District Office

Need to have the Document

A change in registration is only required when the existing residence that is a secondary residence (Nebenwohnsitz) becomes a primary residence, or a Hauptwohnsitz, and the previous primary residence is converted into a second residence. In addition, a change of registration must be completed in instances when the name, citizenship of the occupant, their civil status or sex of the person who lives there is changed in another country.

If the primary residence is being constructed (with an address different from the address of the previous primary residence) is set up, registration [Anmeldungis required, not an amendment to registration. The de-registration, or change in registration of the previous principal residence to another is possible simultaneously when it is necessary.

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