How to Apply For Adoption by Foreign Parents in Nigeria

Apply Adoption by Foreign Parents in Nigeria by yourself

  • If they want to adopt a child born in Nigeria parents who are foreign must first create an inventory of the Adoption Service Providers that are accredited by their government in their home country according to the countries they prefer.
  • Choose one from the list and call it to inform that you want the company to serve as your primary Adoption Service Provider.
  • Follow the process as directed by them (if they have any) and then submit an application to the Department which is responsible for Citizenship and Immigration Affairs in your country, to obtain consent to adopt, in relation in those Immigration Regulations.
  • The parents then need to submit an application for the Ministry of Women Affairs of Social Development in Nigeria to express your desire to adopt and then search for a suitable child in Nigeria.
  • Make an application form and then submit it to the appropriate authority within the Development office.
  • The address and contact information in the “Office Contacts and Locations” section on this page.
  • If a child that matches the applicant is identified, the child will be notified via the Development office and the adoptive parents can submit a court application for an Adoption Order.
  • Click on the following link for contact details and address of the Federal Ministry of Justice. Federal Ministry of Justice Contact link
  • Contact the Ministry to find out more details about the Family High Court. You can visit the court with an application in writing to request approval for adoption.
  • Check to see if you have all the required documents under the “Required Documents” section on the page.
  • Attach the documents to the application in writing and send it to the authority in charge before the judge.
  • Following submission after submission, the court will make arrangements for an investigation to be carried out by Child Development officers or other relevant officials of the Child Welfare Department.
  • The police officers will determine for the applicant to determine if he/she is appropriate to be a parent, and capable of protecting the child and raise it appropriately.
  • The court will review the submitted application and documents. A report of assessment will be provided by the judge.
  • Based on the assessment, verifications and other factors that play an essential element of the child’s well-being the court will decide whether or not.
  • Any decision made will be communicated to the applicant by way of a the mobile number or via email.

Required Documents For Adoption by Foreign Parents

  • Application form completed (if there is one)
  • Home study reports of applicants
  • Report on the study of children
  • Documents proving identity of parents
  • Decree of Divorce
  • Evidence of financial assets
  • Police Clearance Report
  • Documentation of citizenship
  • Evidence of marriage
  • Documentation of birth or sworn Declaration of Age for the applicant(s)
  • Evidence of residential living
  • Income proof
  • Document of identity for child
  • Medical Fitness Certificates from the parents
  • Fees and documents to prove payment
  • Consent to adoption

Office Locations and Contacts

The Headquarters of the Federal Ministry of Justice,Federal Ministry of Justice,
Plot 71B, Shehu Shagari Way,
Phone: +234 8050888806
Homepage link for website Homepage link
Contact Link
Zonal office: Zonal offices
Google map directions

Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development,
Annexe 3, New Federal Secretariat,
Shehu Shagari Way,
Central Area,
P.M.B 229,
Phone: +234 9 5237112
Fax: +234 9 5233644

What are all the Eligibility

  • Anyone from outside the country who wants to adopt the child of a Nigerian child is eligible to apply.
  • The applicant must be mentally, medically and physically fit to safeguard and care for children.
  • The applicant’s home country must be in accordance with Nigeria for the purpose of the child is adopted.
  • The child who is adopted must not be older than 17 years old.


Contact the office for information on fees.

The Information You Need

  • Names of the applicant/prospective parents
  • Age of the applicant/prospective parents
  • Name of the child’s name
  • The age of the baby
  • Identification document numbers
  • Passport number
  • Country of origin
  • Information about the wedding
  • Address details
  • Medical information

Email address and contact number

The Document is required

Foreign parents who wish to adopt children from Nigeria must adhere to the steps outlined in the previous paragraphs.




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