How to Apply Certificate of Origin In Jamaica

Apply Certificate of Origin In Jamaica By Online

Application In Person

  1. To apply to obtain to apply for the Certificate of Origin to obtain the Certificate of Origin in Jamaica To apply for the Certificate of Origin in Jamaica, visit the Trade Board Limited (TBL). You can find the TBL’s contact information at this hyperlink: Link
  2. Get the form to analyze the product at TBL office. TBL office or directly download it via the following link: Link
  3. Take the time to read and fill out the form for analysis of product as directed.
  4. Create the necessary documents and other information to support the request For example, C78 entry for import Commercial Invoice to confirm the amount as well as the source of the raw material.
  5. Submit the entire product analysis form and the necessary supporting documents to the TBL
  6. Once we have received your application the TBL will set up an inspection time for your property
  7. When the date is set on the date you have set, an TBL inspector will visit your manufacturing facility to confirm the information or analysis you supplied and ensure compliance with the defined production procedure.
  8. Following the review of your facility the TBL will notify you by writing whether the product is eligible to receive preferential treatment, based on the applicable agreement(s) as well as the conditions of origin.
  9. After your analysis of the product is approved, the TBL is going to process your request and issue you with the Certificate of Origin

Register Online

  1. To apply for the certification that you are a national, online you need to apply through the Electronic Single Window portal (Jamaica Single Window for Trade) JSWIFT
  2. Go to the JSWIFT website: Link and login to complete your application online. Also, in the event that you do not have an JSWIFT account, you can view the Wiki-procedure “Jamaica-How to Sign-Up on the Jamaica Single Window to Trade (JSWIFT) as an individual” for instructions on how you can create your account.
  3. Once you’ve logged in to your account, you can fill out your online form to apply for the origin certificate and attach all required documents . Submit the entire application to verify
  4. After submission, your application is inspected at the discretion of the JSWIFT administrator who will give the applicant an identification number. The administrator will inform you of your successful registration as well as other relevant details via email.
  5. Pay the application fee via the payment option online in the JSWIFT portal.
  6. Once you have paid your application is processed, the status will be changed to paid and your application will be referred to the appropriate certification officer.
  7. The officer will evaluate the application to make sure that it is compliant in accordance with rules of origin. In this stage Trade Board Limited (TBL) Trade Board Limited (TBL) will conduct due diligence by checking your business premises to verify that you are in compliance with requirements of origin and will make any necessary changes to the application’s results, either: Approved or Rejected or Requesting updates.
  8. The applicant will then be informed about the outcome of your application through your email address. If the application is accepted you will receive an image of the origin certificate
  9. Print the original certificate of origin, verify it, then go to at the Trade Board Limited (TBL) office to get the certificate authenticated.
  10. Send your certificate with the officer in charge of certificates at the TLB The certificate officer is going to authenticate your certificate, signing it and stamping it, and then send it back to you.
  11. When your application gets not accepted and you are not accepted, you will be notified by notification of the rejection. when you have to revise your application in order in order to process it and processed, you will receive a notice that includes the conditions you have to meet for your application to be processed.

Required Documents For Apply Certificate of Origin 

  • Registration certificate e.g. manufacturing registration certificate
  • Declaration of the exporter (where is applicable)
  • Form for analysis of the product
  • Registration as an exporter document
  • Application fee

Office Locations and Contacts

Trade Board LTD The Trade Board LTD
Address 10, Floor, Air Jamaica Building 72 Harbour Street Kingston
Tel: (876)-967-0507 Toll-Free (Jamaica Only):1-888-367-8247
Fax number: (876)-948-5441 or (876)-948-7486
Supporting Documents Email:
Website: Link
The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 9 am to 3:00 pm Friday – 9:00 AM – 2:00 2:20

Jamaica One Window for Trade (JSWIFT)
The address is: Myer’s Wharf, Newport East, Kingston 15
Telephone: 876-922-750-3050; 876-750-3096; 876-750-30977
Email: and Website: Link


  • Exporters who are registered with the government and wish to get the certification of origin


  • Contact the authority in question to inquire about fees.
  • To apply online, the fee information is available in the section e-payment

Documents to Utilize

  • Prodcut Form for analysis: Link


  • You must have been registered by JAMPRO for exporters. If you’re not registered, please check out the procedure on wiki: Jamaica-Register as an exporter

The products are certified under one of the trade systems listed below:

  • Caribbean Common Market (CARICOM)
  • CARICOM/Venezuela Trade & Investment Agreement
  • CARICOM/Colombia Trade Agreement
  • CARICOM/Dominican Revolution Trade Agreement
  • CARICOM/Costa Rica Trade Agreement
  • CARICOM/Cuba Trade and Trade Agreement
  • Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI)/Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA)
  • Caribbean-Canada Trade Agreement (CARIBCAN)
  • Generalized System of Preferences (GSP).

Requirements Information

  • Exporter Name
  • Tax Registration Number
  • Name of the consignor and address
  • Transport means or port of Lading
  • Country of Origin of Goods
  • Country of the Final Destination
  • Description of the goods
  • Quantity
  • Origin Criteria i.e., CARICOM, GSP, CBI, CARIBCAN, CARICOM/Venezuela, CARICOM/Colombia, CARICOM/Dominican Republic, CARICOM/Costa Rica & CARICOM/Cuba)

Documentation is needed

  • A Certificate of Origin proves the origin of the product that are being exported. Qualifying products are given concessions on duty like duty-free , or reduction of duty.

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