How To Apply for a birth certificate In Afghanistan

How To Apply for a birth certificate In Afghanistan

The application for these certificates may be submitted in person or via mail (broad). Post-order applicants must include at minimum one of the listed documentation with ORIGINAL form. If you do not have one of the documents listed are required to apply in person and submit the identity assurance forms of two Guarantors.

The following persons are authorized to record the birth:

  • The parents
  • Legal representative of parents (legally authorized)
  • A director (or any other appointed staff member of the administrative department) of the country of birth.

The application process can be completed in the Foreigners and Birth Registration Affairs Department

The required documents must be submitted and Pay the required documents

Birth registration is possible in the hospital, however applications for a birth certificate has to be completed in the registration offices

Documents that are required birth certificate

Birth Certificate Application Form to fill out the application click here

How To Apply for a birth certificate In Afghanistan
How To Apply for a birth certificate In Afghanistan

Applications need to be NOTARIZED

You must provide hospital documentation (Afghan Birth Certificate translated, and confirmed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) OR If such documents are not available , a notarized copy of the state’s document is required along with the following details Name of birth, Birth Place of Birth Date of Birth and Name of Father and Mother.

To obtain birth certificates, you’ll require your original Afghan Passport that is valid or translated and affixed Taskera issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Afghanistan.

It is required to provide copies of the following ID Card or Driver’s License. Card. (Front and back)

Birth Certificate costs

Citizens from abroad are able to apply for birth certificates at consulates and embassies

Office Locations and Contacts

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan | Ministry of Interior Affairs

of the Office of the General Presidency | Presidential Press and Public

Relations The Office of the Spokesman

Sadiq “Siddiqui” Director of Press and Public Relations (0792670202)

Dr. Mohamed Naguib, “Nikzad,” Deputy Press (0799229788)

Guideline from Allah “Keeper” The Deputy of the Press (0799446709) Nukryual (0202201758)

Cellular Phones: +93 792670202 / +93 791 411 311 / +93 704 792 335 / +93 202 102 945

What Are All The Eligibility

Afghan Citizens who require documents proving their birthplace is qualified


60 CAD, or the equivalent


Birth certificate is valid for life

Processing Time

15 days


Registration of births is made more difficult due to the huge number of births that are at home in Afghanistan

Births that occur at a hospital is less likely to end up being recorded

Birth certificates are not common in Afghanistan

The Information You Need

  • Name of the child’s name
  • Birth date
  • Names of parents
  • The province and city of birth
  • The date, name , and seal of the person who is certifying Registrar Secretary or Acting Registrar and the seal of the office.


The Document is required birth certificate

The first population registration was implemented by the Ministry of Interior in 1922 under the name of the Statistics Office.

Citizens don’t typically register births or request a tazkira in the event that they require it to attend the university or school or get a passport. As a consequence, there’s not an efficient and consistent method of registering population within the country currently and the actual number of people living in Afghanistan is unknown.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • Date of birth and the date of birth and
  • Registration for school
  • The age of majority or minority is a factor to prove in the court
  • The eligibility requirements for social security, pensions, or health insurance
  • The process of obtaining the social security number
  • Applying for an identity card
  • Entry into employment is only restricted to citizens.
  • Licenses for citizens only.
  • Proving legal dependency
  • In obtaining inheritance benefits
  • In receipt of insurance benefits

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