How To Apply for a Business visa In Belgium

How To Apply for a Business visa In Belgium

The application for your visa on the spot at the Belgian consulate or embassy that is in charge of the country you reside in and you are required to provide your destination of travel along with the reasons of the visa.

  • In certain instances, you may be able to submit your visa application with another service supplier (outsourcing service provider).
  • In certain very specific circumstances you may also be exempted from personally submitting your application.
  • If you’d like to learn more about it, you can contact the appropriate consulate or embassy. If you’re looking to know the Belgian consulate or embassy is the best choice for your visa application.

The following are the steps needed to apply for an Business visa to Belgium.

Step 1: Applications for commercial Visa (up of 90 days)are accepted at the VFS application center.

Second step: Candidates must to apply in person or through an their immediate family members (i.e. Father or Mother, Sibling spouse/civil partner or child with an authority letter as well as evidence of the relationship. Marriage or Civil Partnership document or Birth certificate are the only document that can be used as evidence of the relationship).

  • When you arrive at the center for visa application there is a requirement to get a token at the entrance , and then sitting in the waiting room
  • You will then be directed to our counter to submit your application. your application along with supporting documents will be examined.
  • Your passport and photo will be screened for validity.
  • Then, you’ll receive a receipt for the service fee and fees you have paid in the form of an acknowledgement.
  • Remember to bring the originals as well as copies of all your documents.
  • People who require physical assistance are asked to call the helpline of the Embassy prior to going to the center of the Embassy in order that the proper assistance is provided.

3. Mandatory Do not be late in scheduling an appointment with the centre for application to present the application for your Business visa. click on the link to Schedule Appointment to schedule appointment here is the link

  • Anyone who is not a registered voter will NOT be admitted to the Belgium Consulate.

Apply Online: EditApply Online: [ edit

Please go to this link: http://diplomatie.b

How To Apply for a Business visa In Belgium
How To Apply for a Business visa In Belgium All about your Visas and follow the relevant links to choose the right visa category for you, and to ascertain the documents required and the processing time information.

  • Information can be found at

Documents that are required Business visa

  • Belgium Business Visas require an original passport that has at least six months validity remaining One Visa application form.
  • You need to submit a 2″x2″ passport-style photograph.
  • A Business Letter sent from your address at work directed to “Embassy of Belgium ” detailing the reason of the trip, confirming that you will receive financial assistance while you are in Belgium.
  • Pay a Consultation Fee

Office Locations and Contacts

List of Belgium embassies world wide:

World Trade Center, Tour II

Antwerpsesteenweg, 59 B / Chausse dAnvers 59b

1000 Brussels


Tel. : 02/793.80.00

E-mail :

Minister for Foreign Affairs

Didier ReyndersDidier Reynders, Mail:

Immigration Services in Brussels

rue des Petits Carmes 15

Brussels 1000

Belgium – Show the map

+32 25 018 111


Kingdom of Belgium
Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade as well as development co-operation.
FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation
rue des Petits Carmes 15 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Phone number: +32 (0)2 51 81 11.

Public transport editPublic transport[ edit

Train: railway station Bruxelles Central – Brussel Centraal
Tram: 92 and (Place Royale Koningsplein)
Metro: Lines 2 and 6. (Porte De Namur – Naamsepoort)
Bus Lines 27 38, 71, or 95 (Koningsplein) and lines 34 54, 71, 71 and 80 (Porte de Namur Naamsepoort) Naamsepoort)


Follow the signs for central Brussels and then take the Petite Ceinture/Kleine ring, take the exit Porte de Namur/Naamsepoort.

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Anyone who wants to travel to Belgium who have valid passports.
  • Anyone who has internationally recognized documents of travel that have the intent to conduct trade in Belgium.
  • Visitors to Belgium with a Valid Visa with intention of setting up an enterprise in Belgium.

Processing Time

  • The processing period for Visa application is minimum 10 working days.
  • It is suggested that you present your application 15 working days before departure. (applications may be submitted as early as 90 days advance)to allow ample time for processing your visa.
  • It is important to note this: The Belgian Embassy will take applications into consideration within a maximum time of 15 days from the date of receiving the application.
  • If a full file is filed, a decision will usually be made to be made much earlier.
  • However, it could take longer in certain instances between 30 to 60 days (although the decision could be anticipated sooner) in the event that additional documents are needed or the application has been sent by the Ministry of the Interior.


  • Candidates must apply in person or via an their immediate family members (i.e. Mother, Father or Sibling), Spouse/Civil Partner or child who has an authorization letter and proof of the relationship
  • This visa is only for business purposes or for those who have received an invitation from Bulgium authorities.
  • All applicants must apply via VFS

The Information You Need

  • A valid passport that at a minimum has 6 months validity
  • One Clear Coloured photograph
  • Letter of application to the passport , immigration and National Authority within minister of interior
  • The completed application form
  • The receipt of payment from the category of a Business Visa.
  • Request letter to the Passport immigration, national and immigration Authority
  • Application form completed
  • Security clearance for police either in English or French
  • The CV must be signed by the applicant.
  • A copy of the business license
  • A copy of the tax certificate
  • A memorandum for understanding between associations or businesses

Documentation is needed Business visa

Belgian visa is type of authorization, or permit for non-nationals to be able to enter, transit or stay in Belgium. Belgian visas are a stamp or form that is placed on your passport each time you enter the country, and also at the time you depart Belgium. The presence of a visa on your passport doesn’t guarantee entry to Belgium. It is still the responsibility of the immigration authorities in Belgium.

The Belgian Embassy as well as Consular Offices are the sole authorized Belgian Government agenciesthat are able to issue Belgian visas to visitors from another country. Anyone who requires a visa for visit Belgium for tourist, transit, business or personal visits is required to submit a visa application directly at Belgium’s Belgium Embassy of the nation of the country of. In order to stay clear of any potential risks that may arise when taking flight towards Belgium as well as at Belgian ports for entry due to issues with communication, travelers are advised to make an application with Belgium’s Belgian Embassy or Consular Offices in their home country to obtain Belgian visas before traveling.

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