How To Apply for a Diplomatic Passport In Belgium

How To Apply for a Diplomatic Passport In Belgium

  • Passport application form
  • Belgium identity and nationality cards
  • Two fingers print are given priority for the fingers with indexes (as as of 12)
  • Your picture
  • Your signature
  • Documentation of payment of the fee for application to passport.

How To Apply for a Diplomatic Passport In Belgium

  • The applicant needs to fill out the passport application form, complete it and then submit it along with the necessary documentation to either the local authorities of the place they reside or Belgian Embassy in their country of the country of.
  • The applicant waits for the authorities to confirm the identity of the applicant.

After a few days, the applicant will be informed if the passport is ready to be collected.

Documents that are required Diplomatic Passport

  • Form for submitting a passport application
  • Belgium identity card and nationality card
  • The prints of two fingers are given priority by the index finger (as at the age of 12)
  • Your photograph
  • Your signature
  • The proof of payment for the fees for a passport application.

Office Locations and Contacts

Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Belgium –

Address: Rue des PetitsCarmes 15

Postal Code 1000

City: Brussels

Country: Belgium

Telephone: +32 25018111


What Are All The Eligibility

Belgian Royal Family Members of the Belgian government ministers of State, the representatives from Belgium as well as of Communities or Regions


  • Fees for passports in Euro in the form of CAD
  • Passports 32 pages, 75 120.00
  • Passports 32 pages (children under 18) 35 56.00
  • Passports 64 pages Passports 240 pages 384.00
  • Passports 64 pages (children under 18) 210 336.00


A Belgian diplomatic passport is valid for up to five years.

Documents to Utilize

Passport application form in Dutch http://www.diplomatie.

How To Apply for a Diplomatic Passport In Belgium
How To Apply for a Diplomatic Passport In Belgium


Processing Time

The process to get the Belgian passport is about two weeks.


  • To record biometric data any person over 6 years old of age must apply for a identity card in person .
  • Belgians who are officially resident in Belgium and currently on Belgian territory Passports must be requested by the municipal administration of their residence.
  • Belgians living or travelling to other countries: passports must be obtained by the Belgian consulate or embassy responsible for the applicable nation or regional.
  • Belgians living abroad legally but residing on Belgian territory Passports are required from the local administration responsible for the municipality where they last resided in Belgium.

The Information You Need

  1. Name
  2. Birth date/place
  3. Nationality
  4. Contacts
  5. Marital status
  6. Names of parents
  7. Address
  8. Sexual sex

Need to have the Document

The Belgian passport is an official globally accepted as a valid travel document that comes in the form of a booklet issued by the authority responsible within Belgium and the country’s nationals.A Diplomatic Passport is issued for members of the Belgian Royal Family as well as members of the Ministers of State, the government and officials from Belgium and of regions or communities (diplomats and trade or economic attaches principal representatives from each region or community)

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